Back to the drawing board!

May 2, 2018

Saying 'Back to the drawing board!' always makes me giggle, because it's literally true for me.

At the moment I am drawing and writing lots of things, writing in my journal (daily), scribbling down ideas for my new studio on grid paper (don't give a woman flowers, give her grid paper) and there is always something to do on the work front, which of course means I'm back to the drawing board.

When I first set up my business as a freelance illustrator I bought myself a posh drawing table with a right-angle arm and extendable legs...this expensive and elegant thing languished large and preposterous in the corner of my studio as I choose time after time to sit at my small, handmade light-box propped atop of an op-shop found table by the light of the south-facing garden window, heaven. That set up has now followed me to this house where again it sits under another south facing garden window that looks over the street beyond. So dearest reader I have a point here (if I haven't made it already) that the proper tools don't always make the 'right' tool for you. I cherish my little light box, not only is it at the right angle of lean, not too steep so that paint runs and trickles off the page, not too flat so that my back strains to see over it, it's just right, it is imperfectly perfect with its sticky tape marks and scribbles made in indelible ink but best of all it was made with love by my Dad.  Thank you Dad, and Happy Birthday for yesterday you would have been 79.


Back to the drawing board with love, Beth



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